Software Solution


a. Tailor-made websites

  • Unique websites can feature the company/ business images
  • Clients can discuss with our professional designers, and drafts of the website interface will be made before publishment
  • Advanced website functions (intermediary system, booking system, advanced shopping system, business income/ commission system, customer service system, company internal system)

b. WordPress Website templates

  • Meet budget, suitable for start-ups
  • Various templates, catering for different business natures to choose from
  • Reference from existing website (company website, academical websites, informative website, e-shop website, restaurant website)


a. Progressive Web Apps
  • Web applications can be run smoothly without affecting the functions in various environments (Internet environment, mobile operating system etc.)
  • Able to install web application, through methods like “Add to Home”, Web App can be placed on mobile phone and can be listed out and replaced from the applications, just like general applications, yet need no to download from application stores.
  • Re-engageable, through the push notification function to actively interact with users.
  • Continuous update, using Service worker API to update the applications automatically (without using App store or Google Play etc.)
b. Commercial use applications
  • e-Commerce
  • E-book production
  • Mobile game applications
  • Social media applications
  • Interactive entertainment applications
  • Tax calculation, bank operation management, form-handling, bookkeeping
  • Healthcare and medical uses
  • Educational uses
  • Online shopping
  • Commercial use applications
c. Application platform
  • Facebook apps
  • Wechat Mini Program
  • AI customer service

Management Sysytem

a. Enterprise Management System

  • Customer service management: All the customer service record can be saved inside the system
  • Work management: Computerised employee task arrangement such as meeting clients, group meetings, production orders and delivery notes
  • Account management: Simple and fast way to check and manage accounts
  • Booking system: Users can set and book different types of services to record the attendance and establish satisfaction surveys
  • Item management: Understand relevant production orders, dates in order to calculate the time costs for items
  • Reports analysis: System can export the above-mentioned features to allow businesses to analyse the company operations from various aspects, such as data of new customers, attendance record, employee performance and bills and reports.

b. Accounting System

  • Sales: Invoices, contracts, deposit receipts, receipts and delivery notes
  • Receipts and payments, returned sales reports, replacement reports, credit memorandums and debit memorandums
  • When accounting documents are involved, system will automatically marked as vouchers in the record
  • Multiple printing formats
  • Various files and accounting reports to understand the company conditions
  • Analyse each customer and the product sales and calculate the margin in transactions

c. Retail System

  • Set product selling prices, brands, colors and sizes
  • Handle stock relocation, stock collection and return of unqualified products at stores
  • Record member information, levels of members and its different discounts
  • Various analytic reports (including procurement, sales, poor-selling products and inventory)
  • Daily summary and monthly report

d. Inventory management

  • Users can input or scan customer, suppliers and product information manually
  • Pictures can be added to each product
  • Serial numbers and safety stock level can be set
  • System supporting different barcodes to print the tags for customers, suppliers and products

e. Self-service system

  • Self-checkout system
  • Quota tag system
  • Self-ordering system

f. Human management system

  • Managements of different levels can master the data for easy management and salary management
  • Able to input company detail and set up employee records
  • Set the authority of employees from different departments
  • Set different items in the system including public holidays and allowance.
  • Process the salaries, commissions, debit deduction, provident fund and MPF calculation
  • Management can print employee attendance record and rosters

g. Logistic System

  • Updates in the incoming and outcoming records of new trucks and inventory in real-time
  • Set driver task scheduling to allow more efficient work
  • Customised format to cater for the clients’ needs
  • List of miscellaneous appointment accounts for clients and drivers of different types of vehicles, detailed data at a glance

h. Attendance Management System

  • Employees use personal mobile phones to punch in, companies need not to purchase clock in machines.
  • Simple to set the user accounts for different employees
  • Calculate and manage employees’ attendance records precisely
  • Allow employees to punch in using GPS location at the real time when conducting field services, leading to a more flexible arrangement in attendance records
  • HR department can simplify the complicated attendance records at a glance, and save time
  • Easier calculation of employee salaries